zondag 2 januari 2011


This is the background I made for the Three Muses Challenge "Book".  Enjoy!

donderdag 23 december 2010

Background or Card or...

however you want to use it. This background/card is free for your personal use. Enjoy.

woensdag 8 december 2010


In the spirit of the December joy, I have made 3 backgrounds for you to use. Take notice please that the brushes used are NOT my own. The rest of the pictures are totally made by me and are free for your personal use. The files are huge (made in 300dpi). I have cut the A4 in half, hence 2 A5 sheets. Enjoy.


This is the background of the picture I used for the Three Muses Challenge. Feel free to use.

maandag 6 december 2010


I have put a few random things together on my first ever collagesheet. It is in A5 (half A4) size.
All the pictures on here are either from my private collection or from the public domain, so as far as I know there is no copyright on them.
I would love feedback, thank you and enjoy!

vrijdag 3 december 2010


This is the frame I used in the picture 'Before the ball'. Free for you personal use. Enjoy!

(it looks hidious on here, no idea why, but click on the picture and I promisse it will be better!)

Credits for the brushes used for this frame:


woensdag 1 december 2010

Another background

This is the background I used for the Art creations friday challenge, november 25th. Feel free to use and enjoy.

Im very very proud to say this background is used in the Digital Whisper challenge on blogspot!